The importance of regularly changing your air conditioner’s filter cannot be overstated. If you change the filter once every few months, your AC unit will live considerably longer. Much like a car engine, maintained air conditioners live longer and work more efficiently, which will save you money on your energy and repair bills.

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Newer filters also keep allergens and other debris outside the home so that the air in the home is cleaner.

As a Florida resident, you know how important an air conditioning unit truly is ‘ especially during the hot summers in Tampa Bay, Bradenton, and Sarasota.

How to Replace Your Home’s Air Filters in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1. Locate Your Air Filters

If you are unsure of where your air filters are located, consult the owner’s manual that came with the air conditioning unit. If you don’t have one, the filter can be found in the ductwork, air vents, or the air handler most of the time.

The filter is a piece of equipment that can easily be pulled out of the rest of the unit.

Many filters have a metal vent that you have to remove to access them. If there are screws keeping the vent in place, remove them and store them in a safe place. You’ll need them later.

Step 2. Find the Proper Filter Size

The next step is to measure the outside of the filter so that you know which size you will need for your unit.

Numbers and letters on the outside of the filter could also lend you some hints as to what you’ll need to buy. You can take the measurements or the filter with you to a hardware store to purchase your new filter.

You can choose cheaper filters that will need to be replaced more often or there are more expensive filters that last longer and trap more debris. It totally depends on what you want. You can even make your own scented air filters!

Step 3. Replace the Air Filters

Once you have your new filter, simply slide it into place just as you removed the other item. Make sure to put the correct side of the filter facing toward the unit. There should be some mark or lettering to indicate which side faces toward the unit and which side faces away from the unit.

Put the cover of the unit back on once everything else is secure. You have now successfully replaced your air conditioning filter.

If there was a metal vent needed to keep the other filter in place, you should secure it once again with the same vent. Put any screws needed back into the filter so that it remains where it is supposed to be secured in the unit.

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