If you’re considering a home water filtration system, you should consider investing in a water softener. What is it? Well, a water softener essentially works to soften your water by removing minerals that can cause the water to become ‘hard.’  Hard water is considered any water that contains high levels of calcium and magnesium, both of which can present several problems to both your and your home’s health. Performance AC is here to share the negative effects of hard water, the benefits of water softeners and the top 3 water softeners.

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What Are the Negative Effects of Hard Water?

‘ Clogged pipes
‘ Water spots on dishes and glasses
‘ Reduced efficiency of your water heater due to limescale
‘ Increased energy expenses
‘ Decreased effectiveness of soap
‘ Irritable and rough clothing after laundry
‘ Dull looking hair
‘ Skin irritation
‘ Soap curds

What Are the Benefits of a Water Softener?

‘ Cleaner and shinier dishware, glassware, shower tiles, cars, plumbing fixtures, etc.
‘ Softer and cleaner skin and hair
‘ Easier cleaning from lack of soap curds
‘ Savings on energy costs from increased efficiency and decreased damage to appliances
‘ Fabrics last longer and stay brighter
from the lack of hard water used in washing cycles
‘ Appliances operate more efficiently, effectively and for longer

The Top 3 Water Softener Reviews and Products

#1. Aquasana 1,000,000 Gallon Rhino Filter System


Unlike salt-based water softeners, Aquasana Rhino protects internal pipes and plumbing from mineral buildup without the use of harsh chemicals or salt. Once installed, this system will provide your home with filtered water for up to 10 years (or one-million gallons) without the need for maintenance or filter replacement.
The water that passes through this three-stage system will reduce your home’s chlorinated water by over 97 percent!

#2. Evo-Clear Salt-Free Water Softener


This filtration system combines a prefilter with a whole-house water softening system, meaning your water supply
will be removed of any sediments and hard water will be eliminated by softening and neutralizing minerals.

#3. GE 30,400-Grain Water Softener


Enhance the quality of your home’s water and save on energy expenses with the GE 30,400-Grain Water Softener. This system boasts 95 grains per gallon hardness-removal capacity and uses up to 20 percent less water.