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Ceiling Fan Repair Services in Florida

Ceiling fans are there to help cool you off at the flip of a switch. But sometimes, those fans that we’ve grown to rely on can malfunction or break altogether and, especially in the Florida heat, that’s never welcome. Whether you have a wobbly ceiling fan on your hands or it won’t turn on at all, Performance AC electricians can diagnose, repair, and replace your ceiling fan anytime, anywhere.

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Ceiling Fan Repair Services

Ceiling fans come in many different shapes and sizes to meet the needs of you and your household. If your ceiling fan stopped working or isn’t functioning properly, Performance AC is ready to help and provide you with the ceiling fan repair service you need. It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with wobbly blades or strange noises—our team of skilled electricians can fix your old or malfunctioning ceiling fan. Our experienced electricians have years of experience and can easily provide ceiling fan motor replacement and any other type of ceiling fan repair service.

Our team of licensed electricians has been serving Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Largo areas for many years so you can be sure that we know our way around ceiling fan repair.

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Ceiling Fan Installation & Replacement Services

Need your fan replaced or removed? Our team at Performance AC can help you discover the best ceiling fan replacement service that will fit your budget and style. With same-day fan replacement services, we can install a brand-new ceiling fan for you quickly and efficiently. We can also help you replace your ceiling fan with a light fixture if you wish.

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ceiling fan repair services by Performance AC in Tampa Florida

5 Signs You May Need Ceiling Fan Repair or Replacement

Oftentimes, it’s pretty easy to determine whether or not your ceiling fan isn’t working correctly. Your fan might be much slower than usual, the light might not turn on, or you might be asking yourself “why is my ceiling fan making noise?”. Here are five tell-tale signs that your ceiling fan may require repair or a complete replacement.

You Have a Wobbly Ceiling Fan

If your ceiling fan isn’t turning smoothly, then you could have an issue that needs repair. Chances are your wobbly ceiling fan doesn’t have to do with balance at all. Rather, your wobbly ceiling fan can result from broken blades or loose bolts.

Your Ceiling Fan Isn’t Working

Did you flip the switch or pull the cord just to be met with no movement? If the motor of your ceiling fan is humming, but the blades aren’t turning, then you might have an electrical problem. If this is the case, keep your fan off and call a technician at Performance AC—otherwise, your motor can overheat and spark an electrical fire.

Your Fan Makes Noise While Rotating

While older fans tend to make some noise, most newer fans are supposed to be so quiet that you can hear a pin drop. If your fan is newer and is making strange noises, then you should give a licensed technician from Performance AC a call to assess and address the issue.

The Lights Aren’t Working

Are your ceiling fan lights not working? If you’ve changed the bulbs of your ceiling fan light fixtures and they’re still not illuminating, then there could be a deeper issue within the wiring of your lights. Never tackle electrical jobs by yourself–instead, call an electrician at Performance AC. Our team will quickly repair your electrical issues, keeping you and your family safe.

Replace Your Ceiling Fan With a Light Fixture

Maybe you don’t want a ceiling fan anymore and would like to replace it with a pendant light or chandelier. Our team of skilled electricians can dismantle and replace your ceiling fan within the same day, adding beauty and increased value to your home at the snap of a finger.

Contact us today to learn more about how Performance AC can transform your home with light fixture installation.

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Service Your Ceiling Fan With Performance AC

Ceiling fans keep us cool, no matter what time of the year it is—so when things go wrong, it’s important to have a trusted contractor saved in your phone contacts. From blade repair to full-blown ceiling fan replacement and installation, our electricians are on call to meet your ceiling fan needs. Schedule a ceiling fan repair service to get started and discover the simplicity of working with Performance AC— 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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