Maybe candles and potpourri just aren’t your thing, or maybe you’d just like a new and healthy method of giving your home a fresh scent.

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Either way, homemade scented air filters are an easy, inexpensive way to fill your home with the delightful aroma of your choice.

How to Make Scented Air Filters in 4 Easy Steps

Here’s how you can make your very own scented air filter.

Materials Needed

  • New air filter
  • Bottle of essential oil
  • Plastic dropper (if the oil doesn’t come with one)

Step 1. Buy a New Air Filter

You’ll want to start with a fresh filter rather than applying scented oil to an old, dirty one.

Air doesn’t flow as well through a clogged filter, so you may not be able to smell the oil if you don’t use a clean one.

You should change your air filter every month, and since your oil will last about 30 days, turning your air filter into an air freshener is a great way to help you remember to change it. Try a new scent each month!

Step 2. Pick Your Scent

The great thing about making a scented air filter is that you can choose any scent you want!

Essential oils are generally easy to find and may even be available at your local drug store.

To really mix things up, try combining two oils to create your very own scent. When combining oils, test the combinations out by placing a drop of each on a paper towel and letting them absorb.

For something soothing and relaxing, opt for something like lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus or sandalwood.

Pick scents that go with the season. Try cinnamon or spruce during the fall and something fresh like orange or lemongrass during the summer.

Step 3. Apply the Oil

Once you’ve chosen a scent you like, you’re ready to apply it to your new, clean filter.

Use the dropper to apply 15 to 20 drops of the oils directly to the filter. You can apply the oil to either side of your filter, but be sure to space them out all over the filter’s surface.

Step 4. Install Your Filter

Changing your AC filter is really easy. After applying the oil, install your wonderfully scented new air filter into the proper position.

Essential oils are natural and don’t contain the chemicals synthetic fragrances do. So, in addition to keeping your air smelling fresh, your new scented air freshener is also keeping you safe from harmful chemicals!

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