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When pipelines because compromised, a host of problems usually follow. Performance’s experience plumbers understand the importance of a reliable water line. That’s why our team of 24h emergency plumbers offers comprehensive water line repair services, at no extra cost! Plus, we guarantee each of our repairs for up to 1 year! This way, you can get water line repair services that are both quick AND efficient!

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Signs of a Damaged Water Line

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When it comes to a damaged water pipe, there are many signs to consider beforehand. Let’s take a look at them below:

  • Discolored water
  • Water puddles
  • Low water pressure
  • Moisture of damp areas
  • Signs of deterioration 

Discolored Water

The first sign to look for is the coloration of the water. If you turn on the faucet and brown water comes out, this may result in rust coming out. In that case, you may need a water line repair. 

However, the color of your water doesn’t always mean pipe damage. For example, if you or someone else turns off the main water supply before vacation, there might be some discoloration for just a few minutes. You shouldn’t be alarmed in this case.

Water Puddles

If you notice water puddles or clogs in your faucet, this is most likely due to debris and mineral buildup. Although this might now and again in some sinks, be aware if it’s a continuous occurrence. If the pipeline has extreme corrosion, it can burst at any time, causing it to flood your home. 

Low Water Pressure

When the water pressure weakens or lowers, it might signal that your pipeline is broken. Sometimes there are other causes of weakened water pressure. For example, you might have a blockage in the pipeline, or your local water supplier might have connection issues, forcing them to lower the water pressure slightly. If you’re unsure, it’s always wise to contact a local plumber.

Moisture or Damp Areas

You might have leaking water, which could be an indicator that you have moisture or damp areas. In this case, be mindful of mold growth. You can distinguish this type of leak by its odor, which may not always come from the water line.

Signs of Deterioration

At some point, all pipelines become unstable due to aging. This often happens in older homes where the pipe materials have degenerated. However, some pipelines last longer than others. 

When purchasing a new pipeline, ensure that you’re familiar with the pipe system and how long it lasts.

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Our Water Line Repair Services

Performance has multiple water line repair services. We want to be as transparent and honest with you as possible, so we’ll discuss them in more detail below. 

Our Range of Services

Leak detection

We use highly professional equipment to detect leaks. We use a series of steps to track data, like temperature, flow rates, pressure, and whether the valve is opened or closed.

Leak repair

After the leak is detected, we immediately respond to repair what is needed to ensure your home remains safe from any water damage and doesn’t experience any more bursts, leaks, or other issues.

Trenchless repair options

Unlike some places that offer only one solution, we provide multiple options that suit your financial needs.

Water line replacement

We’ll replace your entire water line if other solutions don’t work. Contact us or schedule an appointment online

Our Expertise

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  • Experienced plumbers: Our plumbers go through extensive training and are fully licensed and insured. You can trust that we know what we’re doing.
  • Prompt and reliable service in Florida: Florida has many lead pipes that need replacing as time passes. We’re always prompt and reliable, given the many years of service we’ve provided to our customers. 
  • Advanced techniques used during the repair process: Our advanced tools and protocols ensure we get to the root of your plumbing issue. 
  • Minimizing disruption and ensuring customer satisfaction: We mean business. As soon as we enter your home, we get to work on your water pipe repair and other piping issues immediately to restore function as soon as possible.

Why Choose Performance AC

Performance has existed since 1959, making us an extremely reliable asset to your home. We have highly trusted professionals to ensure you receive the best care possible. Not only this, but we provide multiple other benefits, including the following:

  • Professional tools: Suppose you want to fix a leak but need specific tools. We use various professional tools that can fix any plumbing issue you might have and will get the job done quickly.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee: We ensure 100% satisfaction for every customer, which includes a money-back guarantee and no surprise or upfront costs. 
  • 24/7 services: If you experience late-night leaks, we’ve got you covered. Our plumbers are available 24/7 to ensure your needs are taken care of promptly.

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