In today’s day and age, many homeowners are making a conscious effort to use less energy. This is obviously good news considering wasting energy not only drives up your monthly electricity bill but contributes to global climate change, too.

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When it comes to saving energy, we can all do our part to conserve ‘ starting with our air conditioners. But, knowing how to use your air conditioner to save energy is key. Learn how you can utilize your AC to save energy, here:

Does Turning My AC Off Really Save Energy?

Put simply, yes, turning your air conditioning system off will always save you money as opposed to leaving it on. Despite being a popular myth, keeping your air conditioner on at a lower temperature doesn’t actually save a notable amount of energy.

In fact, lowering the temperature of your thermostat in an attempt to save money can actually reduce the efficiency of your system.

Although it may seem like a waste of energy to turn your AC on and off throughout the day, doing this will actually save you a decent amount of energy (and money!) and will help your AC function as efficiently as possible.

Other Ways to Save Energy

If saving energy is your goal, your best bet will be to turn your air conditioner off when you leave your home for an extended period of time. Although some homeowners find it inconvenient to return to a warm home, there are ways you can combat the heat.

Plant strategically-placed trees and shrubs: Planting shrubs, trees and the like in strategic places can help keep your home cool throughout the day. Try planting shady trees, hedges or ivy, as all of these can help shade your home the natural way.

Buy a fan: Although fans won’t do much to decrease the temperature of your home, they can provide ample ventilation. Increased ventilation will make your home feel significantly cooler.

Invest in a programmable thermostat: Programmable thermostats are a great way to keep your home comfortable and save money in the process. Programmable thermostats allow you to program the settings on your thermostat ahead of time. This way, you can program your thermostat to shut off during the day and automatically turn on before you arrive back home. You’ll save energy during the day, but will still be able to retreat to a comfy home. Win-win.

Keep Cool in an Economical Way

At Performance, we are committed to providing comprehensive air conditioning services and quality products. We stocked a variety of HVAC products including programmable thermostats to keep you cool in an economical way. If you’re interested in learning more about our programmable thermostats, contact one of our friendly team members today.