Living in modern times, there are many luxuries that are often taken for granted: access to multiple food
options, banking at your fingertips ‘ no lines, no waiting, and living in homes with climate control.
However, living in Florida, we are exposed to tropical storms and hurricanes
for a good portion of the year. The stronger the storm, the higher the likelihood of losing power.

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When you have no power, what can you do to stay as cool as possible?

10 Ways to Cool Down a House With No Power

Although the suggestions below will not provide the comfort that comes with a working
air conditioner, they will lend a respite from the oppressive heat.

1. Close the Shades

A simple way to prevent your home from feeling like a sauna is to close the curtains. This will keep rooms cooler by keeping direct sunlight out.

2. Use Battery Operated Fans

This is one of those items that you’d be better of purchasing before losing power. After all, once there’s a hurricane warning, it’s easier to find an alien from
outer space than flashlights, batteries, water, and battery operated appliances. They’re portable, easy to operate, and there are plenty of options to choose from ‘ before the storm that is.

3. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water when you’re in a hot environment helps you in two ways: it’ll cool you down and preserve your health by replenishing fluids lost due to perspiration and it will increase blood flow to your skin.

4. Eat Fruit

Another way to stay hydrated while at the same time satisfying hunger is to eat cooling foods such as watermelon, cucumbers, and pineapple. An added benefit is that since they’re easier to digest, you’ll keep your internal plumbing working well during these uncomfortable days.

5. Take a Cold Shower

Any amount of cold water that you can splash of yourself will lower your body temperature. If you don’t have running water, soak a towel or bandana and wear it around your head or neck.

6. Moisturize With Aloe Vera

Living in the Sunshine State, aloe vera after sun gels are available pretty much anywhere that has a cash register. Keep a bottle handy at home.

7. Keep a Spray Bottle Close

Since it’s not practical to take several showers a day (especially if there are multiple family members in your household), alleviate some of the heat by regularly spritzing yourself with water.

8. Change Your Bed Sheets

If you normally sleep on silk or polyester blends, switch to cotton until the electricity is back on. Cotton has better breathability and will keep you cooler at night.

9. Sleep Downstairs

If your home is split level, the lower level will be cooler. You could also consider sleeping in a separate room from your spouse or other family members. That way their body heat won’t elevate yours.

While closing shades will keep sunlight out, once it’s twilight (or early morning), keeping the windows open will allow a breeze to come through. Since Florida is the land of mosquitoes, make sure to install screens to keep the little suckers out.

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