The majority of arguments that people have with one another are usually trivial and impossible to resolve. For example, a couple can argue over finances, whether or not to include the dog in the family Christmas photo, or, the age-old argument: leaving the toilet seat up or down.

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4 Reasons to Put the Toilet Lid Down

Should it stay up or down after you’ve used it? Men usually need it up, and women always need it down. It takes practically no effort at all to raise or lower the seat, so it’s clearly the principle that matters’¦right?


Here are four reasons you need to put the lid down.

1. Bacteria-Filled Mist

Bacteria. Filled. Mist. If those words aren’t enough to make you shudder, I don’t know what is. This might sound like something out of a germaphobe’s nightmare, however, it’s the nasty reality of flushing your toilet. When you flush, a fine mist-filled with bacteria forms. If your seat is up, that bacteria cloud can go across the bathroom, spreading across your sink, towels and even your toothbrush. Yuck!

2. Pet Safety

No matter how many water dishes we leave around for our pets,some cats and dogs will still opt to drink from the toilet bowl. This doesn’t just create a mess, but can also harm your furry friend. Even if the toilet water is ‘clean,’ chances are the bowl isn’t, and your pet is now lapping up harmful bacteria. Putting the seat down is an easy action that can prevent this.

3. Child Safety

Obviously, if you don’t want your pet drinking from the toilet, your child shouldn’t be either. However, even if your toddler is smart enough to stay away from toilet bowl water, an unclosed toilet can pose a threat to your kids. There have been several cases of children falling into toilets and harming themselves. This is why you can even buy child locks for your toilet.

4. It’s Not a Recliner

There is a lid on the toilet for a reason. Like any other lid, it’s there to close it after it has been used. When you open the cookie jar to get a cookie, you put the lid back on after, so do the same and close the lid after using the restroom!

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Remember, the toilet is for everybody to use. Make it as sanitary as possible, and this includes putting the lid down. We may argue about preferences until the end of time, but when it comes to the health and safety of our kids, pets, and spouses, maybe we should reconsider!

Ultimately, whether you put the lid down or just don’t really care, we’re not here to tell you how to live your life. We are here to help when you need plumbing services though! Give us a call today for all of your plumbing needs, or schedule an appointment online.