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Posted on June 21st, 2018 by Brian Hall

We’ve all been there; the sudden realization that almost half the paycheck is going towards utility bills. It can be tricky to save on utility bills around the house, but not entirely impossible. With the right strategies and a bit of commitment and willpower, you can have a lower utility bill without having to make any great sacrifices.

So, if you’re looking for ways to keep that utility bill down, here are some simple hacks to make water, heating, cooling, and lighting more efficient than ever.

Sealing Refrigerant Leaks

You’ve likely heard of it referred to as “Freon” but this is a brand name for a specific type of refrigerant. Many people think that a system simply needs more “Freon” when it loses its charge, but the fact is that this does nothing to solve the problem. When refrigerant leaks, it means something is wrong. Since refrigerant is such an important part of an AC system, it is designed to stay within the system throughout its life. And leaky refrigerant lines require sealing.

When refrigerant leaks, your home is not as cool, which is most noticeable in the hottest months. Technicians can check on your refrigerant line during a spring maintenance check, so you can get those repairs ahead of time and save yourself a headache.


Amongst water and gas, electricity is probably the most expensive utility to pay. Reaching the perfect temperature for your house is important for many people, however, it can end up costing a lot. Some of the things you can do to save electricity are:

  • Switch to LED or CFL light bulbs. A bit more expensive upfront, but very convenient in the long run, these type of bulbs will save you tons of money in electricity bills. They use less energy, which makes them safer, and operate very efficiently.
  • Use LED Christmas lights around the house. They are becoming quite popular in Australia as they not only look cute, but you can be sure they’ll help you save up to 80% on your electricity bill, as they are power-friendly.


The best and probably most efficient thing you can do to save water is to install your own rainwater system (tank and filter). Just like solar panels, the upfront cost is high and it will take some time to be ready, but it is worth it in the long run. The brighter side: no more dealing with utility companies!

  • Take shorter showers; try not to stay in the shower for more than 5 minutes. By doing this, you can save between $150 – $500 per year.
  • Change the showerheads. Nowadays, you can easily find water efficient showerheads, designed to save water and approved by Water Australia. You could cut around $250 of your water bill by installing one of these.
  • Water the garden in the morning rather than the middle of the day, which is when the water dries up quickly.
  • For the dishwater, use the economy cycle for everyday washing, and only run it when it’s full.

Replacing a Major System Component

This is something no homeowner wants to deal with in the middle of summer. Getting a part that is the right match for your equipment can be difficult and it’s likely to be costly. You might end up spending way more than you expected to this summer, so it’s better to find out sooner rather than later.

Call technicians for a maintenance appointment before you need any of these AC repairs. While maintenance may not be 100% effective at preventing repairs, it can reduce your chances and help you learn about AC problems early, so you can plan for the expense.

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