Does your existing AC need frequent and expensive repair work? Are you tired of paying money to keep your air conditioner running? Does your old system’s inefficient csweatingooling  aggravate you?  Is your air conditioning system working for you or the utility company?  It might be time to get rid of that air conditioner and replace it with a new high efficiency unit.

The climate in Florida is very hard on your air conditioning system. This is especially true in the Tampa Bay area where salt air and high humidity can wreak havoc with your air conditioner.  Our air conditioners deal with extremely hot and humid weather most of the year and must do a lot more work. In some cases, they may run almost continuously nearly every day enduring a lot more wear and tear. In fact, the typical air conditioning system runs 3200 hours a year in Florida and that is the same as you driving your car 102,000 miles a year.

The combination of these factors will eventually cause the unit to deteriorate to the point where continuing with repairs is no longer cost–effective and the best option is to replace the system.agreed

Our FREE in house evaluation will provide you with at least 4 options for replacing your worn out system along several payment options to fit any budget.With our financing and convenient payment options a new high efficiency system will eliminate those costly repairs and pay for itself by lowering your utility bill. Call 727-325-2505 to schedule your Free in home evaluation today.


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