The problem lies in hard water and hard water is the most common problem found in Florida homes. When hard water is heated, you get scale. Scale is the hard substance that forms in your plumbing and appliances due to your hard water. Ultimately, no appliance that uses warm or hot water is safe from scale buildup. This scale can plug your pipes and hot water heater, causing premature failure and costly repairs or replacement.

A water softener can keep your appliance and plumbing scale free and cleaner. Plus;

  • Laundry –Fabrics washed in hard water wear out up to 15% quicker. Colors also fade and whites darken more quickly. In addition, laundry washed in hard water is more easily re-soiled.
  • Hard Water Scale – Minerals in hard water form a hard scale surface that will clog pipes and decrease the life of toilet flushing units and water faucets. Additionally, the scale also shortens the life of washing machines, dishwashers by as much as 30%.
  • Hot Water Heaters – Hard water scale can reduce a gas heater’s efficiency by as much as 30%, and an electric water heater’s efficiency by as much as 22%. Research by The Office of Saline Water found that a water heater’s functional life can be reduced by as much as 50% through hard water scale build-up.
  • Cleaning Tasks – A comparison of hard and softened water used for household cleaning tasks was increased by almost 50% with hard water. Soap curd makes cleaning and washing less efficient and required greater physical effort and more cleaning agents to complete the chores.

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