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Posted on June 22nd, 2018 by Brian Hall

Plumbing problems range from small pinhole leaks to severe flooding and sewage backups that affect your entire home. Knowing how to handle a plumbing emergency and how your emergency plumber, can help is an important step toward reducing the stress associated with severe plumbing problems. As soon as you spot the signs of trouble, contacting your trusted plumbing service is the best solution to minimize the water damage and water waste frequently associated with most serious plumbing issues you will encounter.

5 Times to Contact Your Plumber Immediately!

Please give our phones a ring for emergency plumbing when you’re experiencing these 5 plumbing problems:

  1. Failing Water Heaters: Failure to properly maintain and repair water heaters can lead to a hot water heating system suddenly packing up. While this might not seem like the biggest household disaster in the world, it’s definitely a huge inconvenience if family members have to get ready for work and school only to find out that there’s no hot water.
  2. Leaks: A serious leak has the potential to cause widespread property damage due to water loss that you can’t easily contain. Small leaks that can be controlled by placing a bucket or other receptacle under the area may not be emergencies, but large leaks that cause flooding or are located in areas you can’t access—such as in the pipes running through your walls or your floors—are urgent situations that your emergency plumber can address.
  3. Water Line Breaks: When a sewer line backs up, sewage sits at its back up point, creating a health hazard. It prevents the ability to use the facilities or run water, which makes living difficult as well.
  4. Drain Clogs: If your home has multiple bathrooms, a toilet clog that you can’t clear on your own may not necessarily constitute an emergency. However, if your home has only one bathroom or you require more than one working toilet, your emergency plumber is the best person to handle this job.
  5. Septic Tank Problems: Septic systems are buried, which makes them hard to thoroughly inspect for problems. It’s easy to install a small inspection port so that you can check your system.

Contact Performance Air Conditioning Electrical and Plumbing today for an emergency plumbing service who can take care of any of your last-minute plumbing problems!

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