We live in the lightning capital of the world so don’t count on power strips to safeguard your home! If lighting strikes your Pinellas County home or somewhere nearby, a surge may go through your entire electrical system. You need Whole House Surge Protection!

Surges are often caused by electric utility switching, downed power poles in the Tampa Bay area, cut power lines, and lightning strikes. Surges can even enter through the cable for your television and telephone wiring installed throughout your home.Why Surge Protection

These surges can cause damage to computers, phones, entertainment systems, microwaves, stoves, refrigerators, dryers and more. Any appliance that has electronic components such as sensors and timers is at risk. While power surges are not new, the electronic components today’s electronics and appliances are more sensitive to power surges. Now even smaller, more routine surges can damage your electronics.

Guarding against surges requires a whole house suppressor to contain large, dangerous power spikes. A Whole House Surge Protector can save your appliances and electronic devices and save you thousands of dollars.

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