Are you overdue for a home safety inspection? Warning signs that you need to call a certified, licensed electrician are lights that flicker or trip the circuit breaker, wobbly switches, outlets or ceiling fans, wiring wrapped in electrical tape or with loose ends, outlets or face plates that are warm to the touch are just a few of the things that could spell trouble.

Did you know that electrical accidents cause approximately $1.7 billion dollars in property dame each year? Old wiring, overloaded circuits and worn outlets are the main culprits that cause electrical shock and

That’s why home safety inspections make good sense whether buying, selling or remodeling you home. Understanding your home’s electrical systems and components are critical when it comes to purchase, repair and maintenance decisions. In fact, the Electrical Safety Foundation International  recommends that homeowners have their homes inspected by a qualified licensed electrician if the home is 40 or more years old, and if the home is 10 or more years old and has had major renovation, an addition or major new appliance installed. These guidelines are especially important if you are the new owner of a previously owned home.

Preventive maintenance is a must to ensure that possible problems are detected and fixed before they even occur. Electrical systems typically work without problems and are often unnoticed until the day power is shut off for the entire house because of a tripped breaker. Only at this point does the electrical system get any attention.

home-safety-inspection Electrical inspections typically include; inspecting the main electrical & service panel, test outlets for polarity & voltage drop, checking the surge protection system, testing the GFI & AFCI outlets and breakers, the branch circuit breaker terminations, all of the neutral and ground wire terminations, grounding and bonding systems, visually inspecting of the wiring system for overall safety and inspecting the home’s life saving devices.

So remember, when it comes to electrical systems, safety should go hand in hand with efficiency. Have your home inspected yearly to insure you and your family’s safety. To schedule you Annual Home Safety Inspection call- 727-308-3800.

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