In Florida, we are lucky to have amazing weather almost all year round. We only have few short cold snaps, and then we enjoy warm, beautiful weather all year round. Because of this, most Floridians find themselves woefully unprepared for those few days when it does get below freezing. Believe it or not, Florida has seen its fair share of cold days. Temperatures have even dropped into the negatives! Learn about some of the coldest days in our state’s history, and how to prepare in case of a polar freeze.

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Record Lows

While we’re used to seeing Florida as a year-round paradise, the sunshine state has seen its fair share of colder days. Here are some of the coldest days on record, according to The Old Farmers Almanac:

Miami 30°F
Orlando 19°F
Tampa 18°F
Pensacola 5°F
Gainesville 10°F
Jasonville 7°F
Key West 41°F
Tallahassee -2°F
West Palm Beach 27°F

Get Ready For the Cold

When winter hits, most Floridians get left out in the cold. We’re not expecting cold weather, so we are not ready for it. This year, don’t be caught off guard by low temperatures. Get your house ready for the cold weather by following these simple tips.